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Experience at Terranet Hosting

What Others Promise, We Deliver.

Customers expect great customer support, uptime, security, infrastructure and so on - while others can only promise - we deliver. That is why we have fully satisfied customers. Data center space in India strategically located in the Financial Capital Mumbai to cater to all major cities. For high growth customers, we are the right choice.

100% Network Availability Guaranteed

terranet We realize every second of network downtime is a potential for business, customers and revenue for you. We fully understand your concerns. We guarantee 100% network availability so that you can focus on your core business. We ensure 100% uptime through bandwidth-redundancy using multiple providers for our bandwidth requirements.

99% Up Time

terranet Translate to 99% of hardware-uptime to absolute terms - that is just 1% of scheduled downtime in a whole year. And that shows we do not make empty promises. With just 1% scheduled downtime, you know, your online-business is in safe hands. We ensure this using hot pluggable hardware module with built in redundancy and mirroring technologies.

24 x 7 Support

terranet 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. All round the year. Do we need to say more? At Terranet Hosting real-time support is not just a promise, it is a way of life. Even when you are off, we are on. We have global clientele and understand their work cycles and keep our facilities open round the year on all days

Experts Everywhere

terranet You no longer need to wait endlessly to speak to the experts. At Terranet Hosting, everybody is an expert and they understand your every need.

Imagine a day when the systems are running perfectly and nothing is amiss. Imagine a day when you are focusing on your business and not on your IT infrastructure. Imagine a day when everything is perfect. Too good to be true? With Terranet Hosting as your partner, it is a reality. Good understanding of IT owing to the presence in this industry for the past 15 years.

At Terranet Hosting, we go beyond contract clauses. We go beyond service agreements; We deliver more than what we promise; To meet your expectations.